Monday, September 14, 2009

Barbecue Chicken Salad - Shellie Schultz and Kris Bullock

Cooked Chicken – cubed (I boiled it in water and some bbq sauce in the water – you can use leftover chicken – I used THREE boneless skinless chicken breasts
Lettuce – torn
Tomato – chopped
Green onion – chopped
White onion – chopped
One can white corn, drained
One can black beans, drained
Jicama, chopped (I used one large)
Fresh basil, torn
Fresh cilantro, cut
Fried corn tortilla strips (buy corn tortillas, cut into strips, boil in hot oil for a minute or two - take out.
Bbq sauce
Ranch dressing (2:1 ranch/bbq)

I put each part into separate bowls – I then – used my largest bowl – and put each part into the salad bowl squirted ranch dressing and BBQ sauce into it all – used my WASHED hands and mixed it – then I tasted it and added a squirt or two more or dressing mix – serve immediately.

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