Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ribbon Salad - Shellie Schultz

4 small jello boxes - green, yellow, orange, red or any 4 colors
pint of sour cream (16 oz)
boil 1 cup water, add one jello, divide into two parts
in 1/2 add 3 Tbs cold water, in the other 1/2 add 1/3 cup sour cream.

Pour the one with 3 Tbs cold water into a 9x13 pan - (glass) fridge to set other one sits on the counter.

As soon as the 1st layer is jelled, (about 15-20 minutes, I put my timer on and check during the entire process so I can get this done).  Put the sour cream layer on (let jell - 15-20 minutes, you get the idea) and mix the next jello set. 

Keep going. Layer after layer.

It's really good to use a tiny beater to mix the sour cream into the jello layers - it gets it smoother easier. 

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